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What are the biggest challenges of usability testing?

Posted by Lucy Collins on Apr 18, 2019 9:47:00 AM

Since Web Usability begun way back in 2002, we have conducted thousands of usability testing sessions with hundreds of clients and testers. With these years of experience, here are 4 pieces of advice we would offer anyone embarking on usability testing…

1. Set clear research objectives at the start

Clients will often come to us with a long list of issues they wish to address during research. These can be wide ranging, determined by underlying internal politics and all in all a bit woolly.

Why can it be a problem?

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Optimising your online donation journey

Posted by Lucy Collins on Apr 11, 2019 3:17:14 PM

Over the years we have worked for a number of charities, all doing amazing things. Optimising online donation journeys is often a key objective of conducting UX research. Arguably, one of the main reasons for a charity to have a website is to generate donations. However, many make the process long winded and laborious.

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A/B Testing v UX Research

Posted by Lucy Collins on Apr 8, 2019 4:15:00 PM


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Writing content for the web: UX best practices

Posted by Lucy Collins on Mar 1, 2019 4:40:55 PM

As UX Consultants, we spend a lot of time watching testers scan content. Very rarely will a tester knuckle down to read, word for word, the text in front of them. Instead they will pick out words that are relevant to them and skip over everything else. We recommend watching five minutes of eyetracking footage if you don’t believe us.

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Thoughts from the MD: Digital personas

Posted by Peter Collins on Jan 22, 2019 1:36:59 PM

We recently worked on a number of projects where we have been developing personas. This can be a powerful tool in bringing focus and clarity about what content to develop and how to present this, especially for larger information sites run by teams with lots of stakeholders.

However, some recent experiences suggest organisations don’t know how best to use these.

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Website navigation: how do I choose?

Posted by Lucy Collins on Jan 2, 2019 12:13:16 PM

What is the best type of navigation for your website? With our 15 years of UX experience and many hours spent watching thousands of testers on hundreds of websites here are our thoughts.

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Building a great information architecture

Posted by Lucy Collins on Nov 2, 2018 5:21:58 PM

A solid information architecture (IA) is the bedrock of a good website. IA focuses on the structuring, organisation and labelling of website content to enable users, who arrive at the home page, to meet their goals and complete tasks as quickly and easily as possible.

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Website Accessibility: Guidance and the Law

Posted by Lucy Collins on Oct 30, 2018 6:02:03 PM

Website accessibility introduction

Website accessibility is an essential part of website development. It is also a complex beast to get your head around. There is a mass of guidance and legislation – some of it seemingly contradictory.

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Prototype usability testing

Posted by Lucy Collins on Oct 5, 2018 4:33:20 PM

We recently talked about the benefits of testing early – it saves you time, money and headaches. But how do you test early?

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Individualised personalisation: Show users what they want

Posted by Lucy Collins on Oct 3, 2018 3:04:41 PM

Recently, the Nielson Norman Group published an article* reviewing the benefits of individualised personalisation on websites.

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