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Posted by Peter Collins on Sep 2, 2012 1:15:30 PM

Web Usability has recently invested in a state of the art mobile testing rig and eye tracker. This allows us to observe exactly what users are looking at when using a smartphone or tablet.

Testers interact with the mobile device in a natural way. They can view it at normal distance and rotate it whilst the eye tracker, a Tobii X60, records eye movements which are overlaid on a video of the device screen. This can be watched in real time, and recorded for subsequent analysis.

The rig is suitable for all mobile devices.

Testing is conducted in our observation studios where the client can observe the testing through a one way mirror while watching the test screen being viewed, overlaid with the tester’s eye track, on large monitors.

The type of research where mobile eye tracking is valuable includes:

  • Improving an app or mobile site’s usability – ensure that users can easily use the app or mobile site and achieve their goals
  • Integrating email marketing campaigns with your mobile site – ensure that there is a smooth transition between receiving a marketing email and accessing the product/promotion on the mobile site
  • Improving social networking marketing – ensure the journey from recommendation or liking to the company pages or mobile site is effective
  • Developing appropriate content and functionality - research will identify the goals users want to achieve on a mobile device (and the ones they don’t) and help develop user focused apps and mobile sites
  • Enhancing brand value - Bad apps and mobile sites destroy brand value. User testing can assess the effect of the app or mobile site on the brand
  • Making your app stand out from the crowd – getting an app noticed is a problem: having an app name and description that fits with what users are looking for is very important in improving rankings
  • Improve user satisfaction – an app or mobile site that is easy to find, useful, relevant and easy to use will be one that stays on the mobile device and gets good ratings 

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