Guerilla user testing

Posted by Peter Collins on Jan 16, 2013 2:02:44 PM

Web Usability has a new product - ‘Guerilla user testing’

Agile site development approaches means that fitting large set piece user testing sessions into the development schedule can be inflexible and expensive. As a result we offer a ‘Guerilla user testing’ product that is quick, flexible and cheap. It works as follows:

  • We recruit and pay 3 testers
  • We test concepts and prototypes remotely with users using a shared desktop so we can observe and record what the user is doing from our offices
  • The sessions are facilitated by a Web Usability consultant in the normal user centric way
  • We prepare a report that summarises the testing outcomes within 24hrs of the test session
  • We provide videos of the test sessions

The approach can be very flexible; we can take prototypes you are developing and test them the following day and get you the results the day after. This way if you are having difficulty identifying the right design solution we can get you customer feedback within 48hrs. As we are remote testing it means we can more easily get hold of testers who are difficult to get into the lab.

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