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Posted by Alice Greenman on Jan 18, 2023 11:24:55 AM
Alice Greenman

As 2023 is in full swing, we thought it would be interesting to look back at our most engaged with blogs of 2022. Here is a rundown of the ‘most read’ posts: 

1) What is the law on accessibility 

Taking first place for our most read blog post of last year, we have a breakdown of the varying legislation around digital accessibility. 

2) Biometrics and NatWest: an accessibility challenge 

The use of biometrics is becoming increasingly common but they don’t always work flawlessly, as Web Usability Director, Peter, recently discovered. This post is all about the accessibility challenge that NatWest's facial recognition presented.

3) How to do an accessibility audit  

Your website should be accessible for everyone and meeting WCAG 2.1 should improve the experience not only for disabled users but for all your users. Conducting an accessibility audit is an essential step to making your digital service more usable for all. 

4) 5 Reasons not to use stock images 

What is the impact of using stock images and are they damaging your online presence? We explored 5 reasons why we will be avoiding stock images in the future. 

5) Accessible authentication: logging in made easy                                     

3.3.7 Accessible Authentication (A) is one of the nine new success criteria proposed in WCAG v2.2.  As logins can be a major accessibility barrier, we took a closer look at authentication and how to make your website accessible.

6) Digital exclusion and online accessibility

An exploration of the all-important question: how can the digital world be a more inclusive environment for the 1 billion people worldwide who have a disability?  

7) Accessibility: universality not disability

Accessibility is about so much more than making your digital services usable for disabled people. It is about making sure as many people as possible, no matter their physical location or ability, can access your content.

8) How we recruit the right people for research                                                 

User research starts with finding the right users. In this blog posts, we shared our top 5 tips to recruiting the right people for research. 

9) 7 Steps for developing an effective website                                         

Our senior UX consultant Ken walks us through the steps to ensure your website is loved by all your users! 

10) Satisficing: how users browse online 

How do we browse online? Users who satisfice will scan online content and links and find the option that looks ‘good enough’. This post gives some tips on how to write content for satisficers

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