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Posted by Lucy Collins on Mar 17, 2015 4:30:29 PM
Lucy Collins

“Can I watch the testing remotely?” is a question we keep getting asked. In the past, while possible, this was complicated, unreliable and expensive.

However, better connectivity and a new generation of streaming software means it is now simple and quick to set up, and the streaming is effective and reliable.

This means that, while key stakeholders previously often missed observed sessions in the lab, remote viewing now means they can watch from wherever they like. And, intriguingly, once they start watching they tend to get sucked in and spend much longer viewing than they expected!

A big advantage with our current favourite system – – is that there is no download required. Most of our clients have very strong security controls and can’t install software on their PCs and laptops, so a major plus point of our remote viewing tool is that there is no download.

And it really is simple! You receive an email, click on the link and ‘hey presto!’ - viewers can see the screen under test on their desktop or laptop.  The session audio is transmitted too, using an internet connection or a regional phone number to dial in and listen.

For those that really are always on the move, there is also a mobile app for tablet and smartphone.

We’re not restricted to just the UK either. We’ve made connections to Japan, Canada & America, so wherever your stakeholders are we can include them.

So, if you are struggling to get key stakeholders to come along and watch user testing in the lab, give our remote viewing option a try.

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