How your website is damaging your brand

Posted by Lucy Collins on Aug 7, 2018 2:28:29 PM
Lucy Collins

How many times have you tried using a website that just makes you want to give up? Either they just don't work, you can't find what you're looking for or the the company in question does not meet your expectation of share your values.

Bad websites hurt your brand and lose you money.

Where is your website hurting your brand?

So, where does your brand take the biggest beating?

  1. When users can’t even find you. Poor SEO means your website will not rank highly on a search engine results page, so you never even get a look in.
  2. When they find you, but immediately bounce off. Landing on your homepage gives your potential clients a flavour of your business. If your website looks outdated, your content impossible to decipher or your values clearly not aligned with those of your customers, they will turn on their tails.
  3. When they like what they see but can’t find the information they need. Problems with your site information architecture can be fatal to a user journey. No amount of good design can cover this up.
  4. When they commit to buying from you but don’t make it through the checkout process. The most painful and damaging point to lose customers. Your trust rating just hit rock bottom and its going to be a long uphill struggle back from here.

How can you protect your brand online?

  • Use your analytics and qualitative evidence to establish the user drop off point.
  • Make your website useful as well as usable. Don’t just focus on twiddly design.
  • Refresh your site to truly reflect your brand values – if attention to detail is listed in your credentials, make sure you apply it to your own site.

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